Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department honors typical enterprises in 2021

Fourteen typical enterprises in 2021 were recognized at a ceremony honoring typical enterprises held by HCM City Customs Department.

After a year of many difficulties due to the impact of the covid 19 pandemic, SPCT appreciates the silent contributions from all the staffs, contractors, loyal customers and States agencies. All the stakeholders have supported us to achieve our goal of 2021.

We are honored to announce that SPCT is one of the corporation honored by Ho Chi Minh City Customs Department in the conference of Honoring Outstanding Enterprises in 2021.

SPCT is aware that this is a valuable recognition from HCMC authorities at all levels for the SPCT's collective efforts in the past year. At the same time, this merit of honors is also a motivation for us to continue to develop and contribute to the State budget for many more years to come, in realizing many important economic development goals of Ho Chi Minh City in the coming years.

SPCT is pleased to announce!


Source: HCM City Customs

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